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Workplace Investigations Australia (WIA) conducts investigations into issues affecting people in their place of work. These independent fact finding or disciplinary investigations are conducted for organisations committed to procedural fairness and high ethical standards. An investigation is an aid to management in informed decision making in complex workplace matters.

Resolving Workplace Issues

Why use a specialist investigator?

  1. Reduction of risks - The outcomes of investigations in the workplace impact on the livelihood, reputations, and future of the individuals and organizations involved. Given the serious consequences it is prudent to use a specialist investigator to reduce the risks of making the wrong findings.
  2. Ensure procedural fairness - A specialist can ensure procedural fairness and avoid the pitfalls for the inexperienced. The findings of an investigation can be unraveled if the process used to conduct it has not been sound and fair.
  3. Independence - The use of an external person gives staff and management comfort that the process is impartial, objective and uncomplicated by organisational politics. Leaving the task to an employee within the organization can lead to allegations of bias and lack of independence as well as impacting on internal relationships.
  4. Separation of functions - The investigator discovers and analyses the facts, while management makes the decision about the consequences.
  5. Legally sound - The findings need to be able to hold up to the scrutiny of appeal tribunals or courts if the matter is appealed. This is more likely to be the case if the investigation is conducted by a professional.
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